Looking back at 2017: Lucas Myers

Wednesday, Aug. 9 – Lucas Myers – DECK: How I Instigated Then Overcame an Existential Crisis through Home Improvement

Theatre (one-man show) – Comedy

8 pm at The Hall

Back by popular demand with a new show, Lucas Myers’ DECK examines the fine line between perfectionism and obsession, chaos and freedom—and why a piece of 2×6 lumber isn’t really two inches by six inches.

DECK stars Cliv, a meticulous single parent of two who has been forced to reassess his future after taking major losses in the recent recession.  He embraces a new start as a small town, eco-conscious, back-to-the-lander.  His attempts at self-sufficiency are hijacked by a bad house buy and he is forced to try his hand at home improvement.  Enter Corey, the charismatic carpenter who takes Cliv under his wing and offers to lend a hand. As Cliv is drawn into Corey’s world of free-wheeling free living, Cliv begins to lose his grasp on reality and is consumed by suspicions of Corey’s true motives. DECK is a darkly hilarious take on the modern milieu of a small town, semi-urban environment.

Lucas is a graduate of the National Theatre School. He is a professional actor and playwright. After performing and composing music for original plays for a few years, in 2001, he decided to study with the SITI Company of New York. He then returned to Victoria, BC, to apply his new skills. With the birth of his first child in 2006, his family moved to Nelson, BC, where they bought a fixer-upper house. The first thing that needed attention was the deck. And so the play DECK.


Please note: This performance is not suitable for children.

“. . . absolutely brilliant and totally hilarious . . .” – Quills, Quotes and Notes