Looking back at 2017: Daniel Lapp and Moonbuggy


Sunday, Aug. 6 – Daniel Lapp and Moonbuggy –  DJ/live dance party

7:30 pm at The Farm
Daniel Lapp, Danuel Tate and Paddy Simpson aka Tyger Dhula have been playing original, dance/art music together since the early 90’s in a variety of projects. Both the Dan’s have an extensive background in jazz and improvisation while Tyger Dhula has been programming drum beats and spinning records for almost as long. All three musicians were regular members of Velvet’s 10 year Sunday night residency in Victoria’s and it was during this time that the skills and tools were brought into play allowing ‘live musicians’ to successfully interplay with ‘electronic musicians’. This was innovative at the time and helped to bring live musicians back into dance clubs after the ‘DJ’ era. As well as having a duo called Moonbuggy which has released a variety of recordings, Danuel and Tyger Dhula are part of a trio called Cobblestone Jazz which has been touring the world extensively for over 10 years.

The trio is based in Berlin, and along with 3rd member Mathew Jonson, have firmly established themselves as pioneers in the electro dance community worldwide. Both musicians also spent time as part of Daniel’s electronic project, Lappelectro, in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Lappelectro took the art of live sampling and improvisation with acoustic, traditional instruments along with electronic instruments to new heights. Using laptops, samplers, drum machines, keyboards along with horns, strings, vocals and a multitude of live effects, Lappelectro pushed the boundaries of a new genre. For Daniel, playing ‘dance’ music to an enthusiastic audience in a club environment was a discovery that brought him closer to his roots. Although the genre is new, the community feeling of musicians and dancers interacting is a reminder of his Grandpa’s fiddle inspiring the same feeling in old dance halls of BC and Southern Alberta. Daniel Lapp is the Artist in Residence for the 2017 Hornby Festival.

Opening Act: Barry Shears

Barry plays Highland bagpipes and Scottish smallpipes, and has toured with Stan Rogers, John Allan Cameron, and Jerry Holland. He provided the pipe music for the critically acclaimed Canadian movie Margaret’s Museum. He has an extensive teaching portfolio in the United States and has performed throughout North America and Europe.