Monday, Aug. 6th: Son De Madera (World/Mexican/Dance)

SON DE MADERA plus percussion from the Paperboys
Son Jarocho/World/Dance
Monday, Aug. 6 7:30 PM (gates open 7 PM)
The Farm
Son De Madera, from the state of Veracruz, Mexico, perform an exciting, regional music called son jarocho. Taking their name from the mountainous region of north-western Mexico, Son de Madera specializes in the son jarocho style that traces back about 400 years to the eclectic cultural influences and traditions of coastal Veracruz. Son De Madera is at the forefront of the son jarocho revival, bursting with creativity and virtuosity. The group is the proud recipient of the prestigious ‘Premio Luna’  (Mexico’s Luna Award) for Best Traditional Group.Their string-driven music is lyrical and lively, featuring traditional instruments like the jarana and guitarra de son along with galvanizing dance and vocals – but their authentic sound incorporates modern elements as well. Son de Madera will be joined by the percussionist from the Paperboys, a combination that will make it hard for you to stay seated. The result is a unique cultural and musical experience: celebratory, dynamic and enchanting.
“It’s hard for me not to gush about these guys, as they are simply fabulous musicians. They are arguably the best band in the genre, and pushing the tradition forward in beautiful and innovative ways.”  – Tom Landa – leader of Locarno and the Paperboys
Opening Act – Susannah Adams
Artistry and integrity to the music are constantly at the forefront of Susannah’s intention as she tells her lyrical verse. Steeped in the abundant genre of jazz, vocalist Susannah Adams reaches new depths as she delivers each song in her most innovative and beguiling way. Susannah was a participant in the 2017 Hornby School for Emerging Musicians.
Aug. 6, 11 am – Live on the Lawn at CHFR
Aug. 6, 2 pm – Art In Unusual Places
Aug. 6, 7:30 pm – The Farm
Son de Madera is on faculty at the Hornby School for Emerging Artists.