Exciting Employment Opportunity – General Manager

The Hornby Festival Society is seeking a new General Manager.

The successful candidate will manage the overall operations, financial management and annual administration of this community non-profit society.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the General Manager works with the Artistic Director and acts as team leader for all support staff, holding the responsibility of planning many aspects of the annual 10-day mid-summer Festival throughout the year, as well as overseeing the box office and events during the Festival itself.

What a full year looks like is: part-time for most of the year, two months of busy, and “crazy busy” during the Festival itself.

Experience in grant writing, fundraising, leadership, staff and volunteer management, event organization, bookkeeping, marketing, information technology (e.g., social media, web management, email management), and public relations will be important skills.

Attributes that we are seeking include: flexibility, dedication, attention to detail, problem solving, and a “can do” attitude.

Is this you?

Salary and benefit package information ranges from $16,000 to $19,000, and will be tied to qualification and experience.

Please send a letter of application and resume by Oct. 29 to Darren Bond, Board Hiring Committee, at darren.w.bond@gmail.com.

Starting date is negotiable.


Job Description and List of Typical Job Duties

Under the direction of and reporting to the Board of Directors of the Hornby Festival Society, the General Manager shall:


Oversee the general management of the Hornby Festival Society in conjunction with the Artistic Director.

Typical GM job duties include:

  • Manage all administrative, publicity, budgetary and event planning duties (as further detailed below) aspects of the Society
  • Work in partnership with the Artistic Director to ensure the sustainability of the organization
  • Liaise and share responsibility with Treasurer on all Financial aspects of the Society
  • Liaise with the Board, Board Committees, Artistic Director, Festival staff, volunteers and community regarding all Festival activities


Work with our Board of Directors to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization.

Typical GM job duties include:

  • Schedule, plan and attend Board meetings in communication with Secretary
  • Record and distribute in a timely manner minutes of Board and other meetings as directed by the Board
  • Liaise with Board Committees and attend such Board Committee or other meetings as the Board may direct
  • Report to the Board on all matters requiring Board approval
  • Planning and implementation of all tasks necessary to ensure the continued legal and financial viability of the Society(i.e.: AGM, contracts, financial reports, budgets, etc.)


Undertake all activities to ensure sound financial management of the society.

Typical GM job duties include:

  • Process all payables, receivables and payroll with Simply Accounting
  • Ensure that accurate records of accounts and financial statements are maintained in conjunction with the Treasurer
  • Liaise with the Treasurer to produce monthly reports to the Board of the Society’s financial status
  • Create and maintain accurate records and statistics for the Summer Festival and off-season events
  • Make bank deposits (except during the Festival)
  • Manage charitable receipts and forward to Donors
  • Prepare Annual Budget with input from Artistic Director, identifying methods to reduce costs and increase revenues
  • Organize all cash and floats for all Society events
  • Process invoices and payments


Manage all necessary fundraising activities of the Society to maintain a healthy, diversified budget.

Typical GM job duties include:

  • Maintain awareness of sources of funding: BC Arts Council, BC Gaming and Enforcement Branch, Canadian Heritage, regional and local funders, foundations, and the like
  • Manage sponsorship and donor initiatives
  • Inform the Board and the Artistic Director of any new funding sources
  • Maintain and improve the Society’s relationship with donors, sponsors and advertizers
  • Write all grant applications
  • Obtain artistic copy from the Artistic Director for all grant applications
  • Hire and oversee the Fundraising coordinator, if deemed appropriate
  • Provide administrative and publicity support to the fundraising coordinator for Fundraising Events such as House Tour, Author events, Birdhouses, etc.


Manage the Society’s membership.

Typical GM job duties include:

  • Create and implement membership outreach strategies and liaise withcurrent members
  • Maintain and initiate office systems to track membership and patron statistics

Summer Festival

Manage all administrative details of the summer Hornby Festival.

Typical GM job duties include:

  • Liaise with Artistic Director, all staff, artists, public and volunteers
  • Organize accommodation for all artists
  • Provide artists with complete packages that contain travel, accommodation, scheduling and all relevant information
  • Organize and supervise Front of House for all events, directing and providing support to volunteers, as well as provide floats and all materials needed
  • Organize and supervise the box office and various revenue streams and keep accurate records
  • Assist with the organization of space for the sale of artists’ CD and  Festival merchandise
  • Organize casual labour if volunteers are unavailable
  • Organize miscellaneous needs of the Festival such as porta-potties and chairs

Off-season Events

Oversee all administrative details of festival off-season events.

Typical GM job duties include:

  • Same as duties for summer Festival (often fundraising events)
  • Liaise with Artistic Director and other key staff

Publicity and Public Relations

Manage all publicity and public relations for the needs of the Society.

Typical GM job duties include:

  • Manage up update the society website with program and artist information, and oversee all content to ensure timeliness and continuity in visual presence
  • Manage the design and production of all required publicity materials for all events.
  • Manage the dissemination of publicity materials
  • Oversee dissemination of publicity through social media outlets


Maintain and develop the volunteers needed to carry out festival activities.

Typical GM job duties include:

  • Oversee the Festival volunteer co-ordination, in conjunction with the Volunteer coordinator and Production Manager.
  • Identify and implement actions to ensure ongoing positive relationships with volunteer base, including planning and executing volunteer recognition and “thank-you” notes
  • Ensuring that necessary volunteer roles are fulfilled

Office administration

Ensure the efficient administration of the festival office.

Typical GM job duties include:

  • Establish and maintain an accurate timeline and bring forward system to ensure that administrative tasks are completed in a timely manner
  • Maintain signed artist contracts provided by the Artistic Director
  • Maintain all non-artist related correspondence
  • Establish and maintain all administrative and office procedures
  • Order office supplies
  • Create and maintain filing systems
  • Create and update databases and mailing lists
  • Create large mail outs
  • Maintain SOCAN reports
  • Maintain the office space and equipment and make recommendations to the Board regarding replacements and upgrades

Human resources

Hire, direct and supervise the necessary administrative staff for the Society.

Typical GM job duties include:

  • Initiate grants for summer student employees
  • Hire, train and supervise summer student employees and all administrative support staff