2021 Hornby Festival Status

Dear Festival Community,

We are excited to be trying to bring a festival to you this year. It is looking really positive that we can create an amazing, safe and soul-feeding way to come together as a festival community again! What will it look like? We actually still don’t know and are waiting to hear. The Province is currently in stakeholder consultations and we have yet to hear many critical details, such as how many people can we have in attendance and what protocols will we need to have in place? Do we have to be seated, do we need to wear masks, do we sit in distanced groups? These are all questions that we have asked but nobody has the answers to yet. There will hopefully be more information as we move toward July 1. Getting an approved official Event Safety Plan will likely involve many changes and much effort to stay on the pulse.

Rather than focusing on what will not be possible this year, we are working toward what we can create that is new, fun and awesome . . . and, of course, safe. To be sure, it will be a very different festival, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be amazing!

What do we know? – We know that if provincial health directives permit, we will run from July 29 to August 7 but with a differently structured festival. We know that we will be at Rosemuir Farm for our concerts (a massive thanks to the generosity of the Geekie Family). We know that artists will be regional, amazing, and spectacular. We know that final scheduling will be last minute with possible 11th hour changes. We know that we will be announcing the lineup one by one and late. We know that tickets will go on sale much closer to the festival than usual and that marketing will not be as grand as usual, but hopefully effective. We know that we will have to be on our toes and ready to shift. But, we also have a festival team that is working really hard to make something much more spontaneous than usual, and also beautiful, stunning and fun.

With so many unknowns, we ask for your patience and support. We are so grateful for the enthusiasm we receive when we tell people we are trying for a festival this summer and to the artists who are so, so happy to be offered work doing what they love. We are amazed by the ongoing generous contributions and offers of help from donors, sponsors, volunteers and other organizations.  All those things keep us going.

Thank you!!!!! 

The Festival Team